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Sports Prep Academy | Making better Recruits for the Next Level

Sports Prep Academy

My focus is committed to the true betterment of our scholar-athletes in the three pillars of Academics, Character, and Work Ethic. I work with middle school, high school, and college student athletes to get them ready for the next level. I believe that these three pillars are vital for these young men and women to master in order to meet their goals of higher education as well as prepare them for life beyond the classroom and sporting world.

Enhanced Focus Program

This program is designed to create a better sense of self, focus toward your goals, and to be satisfied with who you are becoming. In addition, we will be educating you on the process of self-recruiting. As part of this program you will be working with our Lead Mentor, Jason “Coach Gugs” Guglielmone, and have direct contact with him.

Self Recruting

This guide goes step-by-step on what and when you should be doing throughout your high school career. This is not an exact science; the information will be updated regularly to account for emerging and changing media platforms. It is easy to say that being on a single website and just having a profile which college coaches just happen to access is outdated and not necessary.

1 Star Program

The 1 Star Program is for Scholar Athletes that need the most help and guidance. They need to restructure their entire outlook on things. These young men will have complete access to our Lead Mentor.

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2 Star Program

The 2-Star Program is for Scholar Athletes that need the moderate help and guidance. They are motivated individuals that need additional assistance from time to time. These young men will have access to our Lead Mentor.

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3 Star Program

The 3-star Program is for Scholar Athletes that already have a greater understanding of goal setting, self-awareness, and self-confidence. These are hardworking individuals that are already self-driven and just need to the tools and the necessary checkups to improve to the next level.

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Tweeting Coaches

You need to use twitter yourself to try to gain exposure. Make sure you have a profile at Attract Athletics and you are following the guide. Keep in mind the recruiting calendar. Coaches cannot follow you back or DM you unless you are a Junior (Sept. 1st). So just because they don’t get back to you […]

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Don’t make this serious mistake when deciding where to send your kids to college

Don’t make this serious mistake when deciding where to send your kids to college

https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2016/09/13/dont-make-this-serious-mistake-when-deciding-where-to-send-your-kids-to-college/?utm_term=.b99c6585b6e0 Last year, researchers Sisi Wei and Annie Waldman at ProPublica crunched U.S. Department of Education data to calculate the amount of debt accumulated by the typical four-year university student from a lower-income background. Washington Monthly magazine released a related analysis last month examining the “net price” of attending national universities for families making less […]

To access this post, you must purchase 3 Star Program or Coaches Program.

Coach Gugs once told me that “ you are the only one responsible for your recruitment” . While others may help along the way his statement is 100% true. That statement stuck with me and made me realize that the hard work you do on the field and in training isn’t enough. Your recruitment involves a lot of time and work aside from the physical aspect of football. It is the behind the scenes things you do that make the biggest difference The creating your film, contacting coaches by email, social media and phone. That is where his site DMVRECRUITING.com came in to play for myself. All the comprehensive information on how go about getting yourself recruited , about scholarships, about testing (ACT/SAT), about building and promoting your brand (you), college in general, a student athlete can’t even begin to place a value on what he has created for the student athlete in the DMV and beyond. I would like to take a moment to thank Coach Gugs for taking his time and resources to create a site like DMVRECRUITING.com. It is filled with so much valuable information but he is much more than a site because he takes a personal interest in you. I have never personally met Coach Gugs but have had tons of conversations with him through social media and the help and advice that he has given me as a student athlete , the interest he has taken in me personally to see that I am successful in my college recruitment, saying thank you is definitely not enough. Trying to get others to take advantage of the resources and help he provides through DMVRECRUITING.com and tell others that what he preaches and teaches about recruitment does work is the best way I can say Thank You.


High School Football Player

Dear Coach Gugs:

 As a teacher, I know the importance of “doing your homework” and being fully prepared.  I emphasize to my students that in order to be successful in school and in life, they should be sure to utilize all tools given to them, and then do more!  I am writing this email to say that Coach Gugs, a most invaluable asset to your organization, has been that “tool” for me as I learn the ins and outs of high school/college recruiting.  I had no idea about all that is involved in the process, from academics, work ethics, character, social media monitoring, and diligence in student-athletes being their own best promoters.  Thanks to Coach Gugs, who EVERY SINGLE DAY posts on his Twitter page something I learn from and use, my husband and twin sons (who attend Mount Saint Joseph High School, playing varsity football and basketball in their junior year) know more about things like the NCAA Eligibility Center, the best ways to contact college coaches, the timeline for attending skills camps, and vising colleges.  Even his motivational tweets help me calm down when it gets to be dizzying.  If I am not mistaken, what he does at Sports Prep Academy is not his full-time job, but even if it WAS/IS, in my opinion he goes above and beyond in providing student/athletes and parents with invaluable resources.  He even takes the time to answer and all questions I send him, and I truly appreciate it! I am looking forward to meeting him at the DMV Recruiting Instructional Showcase next month, but in the meantime, I will continue to follow him on Twitter.

 He is most definitely an invaluable asset to your organization.



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