3 Star Program

3 Star Program

3 Star Program

The Bronze Program is for Scholar Athletes that already have a greater understanding of goal setting, self-awareness and self-confidence. These are hardworking individuals that are already self-driven and just need to the tools and the necessary checkups to improve to the next level.

You will receive:

  • Define Purpose Statement Worksheet and our Self-Confidence Statement
    • Our Lead Mentor will work with you via email to complete a proper Affirmation.
  • The Goal Setting Worksheet
    • Our Lead Mentor will work with you via email to complete the proper goals
  • (Optional) Book Study Group
    • We will be doing Monthly books where there will be a meeting at the end of each month to discuss the chosen book.
    • Scholar Athlete will have to purchase the book
  • Project/Schedule Management Worksheet
    • Will be provided the 168 Worksheet and reviewed by our Lead Mentor to give time management recommendations.
  • Semester Educational Reviews
    • Will be reviewing report cards, planned classes, and core GPA to ensure we are on schedule.
  •  Lead Mentor is Available via Email.
    • Response time may vary. Typical 24 hour response time.
  • Social Media
    • We will be providing a copy a Free copy of “Social Media for the High School #Athlete”.
  • Self-Recruiting
    • Participants will have direct message access to our Lead Mentor for recruiting advice and personalized assistance.
    • Participants will have second rights for all events and recruiting trips.