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Sports Prep Academy started as “DMV Recruiting” and developed into what you see today. My focus is committed to the true betterment of our scholar-athletes in the three pillars of Academics, Character, and Work Ethic. I believe that these three pillars are vital for these young men and women to master in order to meet their goals of higher education as well as prepare them for life beyond the classroom and sporting world. My goal is to provide our scholar athletes with the resources necessary to not only excel in academics but also in life. I firmly believe that it is imperative for the company and the community that we work together to better our youth and high school scholar athletes. It truly takes a village to raise upcoming generations. By working together, Sports Prep Academy and the community we will help improve both the athletic and academic recruiting talent across the county.

Enhance Focus Program

Sports Prep Academy is dedicated to the main focus of character and academics. I do this by customizing a program with the scholar athletes, parents, teachers, coaches, academic advisers, and our many other resources. Use specifically designed affirmations, goal sheets, time management skills, and academic accountability to guide the scholar athlete in correct direction. Sports Prep Academy Lead Mentors will be in direct communication with the student athlete as much as necessary to ensure success.

Self Recruiting Program

Sports Prep Academy, partnered with Attract Athletics, is committed to guiding scholar-athletes, parents, and coaches through the college recruiting process by providing the necessary information pivotal to their success at the collegiate level. There are too many young men and women that reach their Junior and Senior years of high school that do not fully understand NCAA eligibility requirements to participate in athletics at the collegiate level. Parents are not certain how to navigate FAFSA and other financial aid documents. Many families do not realize that once their child is in high school, every grade counts, every class they take matters, and all actions are recorded. Many scholar-athletes nowadays do not realize the positive and negative implications of their social media usage. This program will allow them to understand in a way that will prepare them for the extensive recruiting process.

At Sports Prep Academy, I start working with scholar athletes as early as 6th grade to start establishing good study habits, goal setting training, time management skills and academic tracking to help them prepare for balancing the demands of being a high school scholar-athlete. As the scholar athlete grows into a young man or woman and enters high school, the Lead Mentor is observing our clients to help them determine the best collegiate fit for their athletic talents, academic achievements and their desires beyond school. I also focus on personal growth outside of the classroom and sports with the goal building to teach our scholars about becoming involved in their community and advise them on how to properly utilize social media outlets. We will always provide honest yet insightful feedback. Not only does Sport Prep Academy provide this feedback, but I help you continue on your path of constant growth and development. I give you not only the “what to do”, but the “how to do it” as well!

I will also be running sporting camps and showcases for the scholar athletes across the country working with Certified Combines and Attract Athletics. Will be on teaching combine events, general and position-based fundamentals, and then perfecting individual techniques so our clients can improve their 40-yard dash, broad jump, and agility skills, just to name a few. There are also plans in the works to establish prospect camps to once again increase our area’s exposure with the assistance of social media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

I am truly here for the student-athletes, their families, and the coaches.

Jason “Coach Gugs” Guglielmone

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