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Athlete Membership Plans | Sports Prep Academy

Welcome to the Sports Prep Academy Mentorship Program

This program is designed to create a better sense of self, focus toward your goals, and to be satisfied with who you are becoming. As part of this program you will be working with our Lead Mentor, Coach Jason Guglielmone, and have direct contact with him. As a Sports Prep Academy Athlete you will be working on three main pillars of Character, Work Ethic and Academics to work towards these areas we have to break down each pillar and combine these exercises and assignments and hold the scholar athlete accountable. Sports Prep Academy is here to develop Scholar Athletes to become a better person for their community and to advance the individual to higher learning and to become successful. I am not here to just to prepare scholar athletes to be part of society but to become leaders of it. This program is designed to create a better understanding of self-awareness, self-confidence, gratitude, and leadership. If you are looking for those things this program is for you.

Email CoachGugs@sportsprepacademy.com to discuss what level is appropriate for you and additional options.

Scholarships Available upon review

The different areas of this program will include the following:

  • Corporate Time Management Solutions
    • Will be provided the 168 Worksheet and our Lead Mentor will work one on one to properly refine the worksheet to teach scheduling and prioritizing. Our scholar athletes know what their goals are and every moment of progress allows them to get closer to their goals.
  • The Goal Setting Worksheet
    • Our Lead Mentor will personally work one on one to define the proper goals and tasks to obtain those goals.
  • Definite Purpose Statement Worksheet and our Self-Confidence Statement
    • Our Lead Mentor will personally work one on one to define the proper Affirmation for the individual and will be taught how to harness its power.
  • Implementing the designed Self-Confidence Statement to assist the Definite Purpose Statement.
    • This statement is a designed statement to be said after the Definite Purpose Statement to further solidify and kick start the day. Self-confidence is necessary to be able to have the power to push through the challenges in everyday life.
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Educational Progress Reports.
    • Depending on Scholar Athlete we will incorporate a report designed to stimulate academic growth that they will be held accountable. We will work in junction with the individual’s coaches, teachers and parents as needed.
  • Personal Availability
    • Depending of the level Access you will have direct access to our Lead Mentor, Jason “Coach Gugs” Guglielmone.
  • Social Media Monitoring
    • We will be keeping an eye on what you post. “Liking” and “Retweeting” and “Sharing” necessary information.
    • Also, we will be providing a copy a Free copy of “Social Media for the High School #Athlete”.
  • College Recruiting E-Course (Free with 6 month subscription)
    • You will receive a free Online College Recruiting Education Course for prospective student-athletes, parents, and coaches. The Course is designed to educate prospective student-athletes, parents, and coaches about everything they need to know and everything they need to do to find their college experience trifecta.
  • Self-Recruiting
    • Participants will have direct access to our Lead Mentor for recruiting advice and personalized assistance.

There are three different levels of the Sports Prep Academy Mentorship Program to better suit the individual.

Contact me for more information

I will return your message within 24 hours