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Email Coaches

Sports Prep Academy Email Template

The email template below is just an introduction to be sent to the coaches and needs to be well written so make sure you proof read it yourself and by someone else. Also, you need to personalize it. Make it so you are talking to them and not a generic email that you are going to send to other coaches. Not too much detail and get to the point. They need to see that you have the potential to play for them and are excited to play for them. Use Basic stats and major awards. DO Not list everything.

Make sure the email you are using is professional. Example: Firstname.Lastname@googler.com

Subject Line: {full name} – {position} C/O:{graduating class} Example: Jason Guglielmone – Center/Guard C/O:1997

Coach {Coaches Full Name}-

{Note: To find coaches information you have to look on the athletic site for the school and college his information from there. Make sure you save his phone number and email in your contacts on your phones so you know when his call comes across. Also, in 3 business days follow up your email with a call to the coach to personally introduce yourself. Be upbeat. Have prepared questions to ask the coach and be prepared to sell yourself}

My name is {Recruits Name} from {School Name} in {City, State} and I am interested in playing football at the {College/University name}. I am currently playing as a {Position(s)} where I earned {note the awards and other accolades}.

As a student, {State your GPA, test scores, academic accomplishments and other achievements from school}

As an athlete, {state your size, bench, squat, 40 time, and other stats that you have} {Note any all-star games played in, camps and showcases you will be attending, other awards and accolades, also note what other sports you play at the school you are attending}

{This section needs to be about how you are going to benefit the school. What do you like about this college/university so you have to do your homework and research the school. Include information about the academic programs at the school.}

Below I have included a link to my highlight tape and social media accounts. I would love to meet you and talk about the possibility of being a part of your team in this coming fall. If there is anything I can do to help you decide whether he might be a good fit for your program please don’t hesitate to ask.

Highlight Film: {Your film shouldn’t be more than 3 mins with all the best stuff upfront.}




{Make sure your social media accounts are CLEAN and they will check your friend’s pages as well}

Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing back.



{BEST Phone Number}

{Email (Make sure your email address is your name and nothing derogatory or negative.}

My coaches information:

{Coaches Name}

{Coaches BEST Phone Number}

{Coaches BEST Email}

NOTE: BEFORE YOU SEND!!! Proof Read at least 3 times and have someone look over it for you. Parent, Coach, Teacher.