Silver Program

Participants will have first rights for all events and recruiting trips.The Silver Program is for Scholar Athletes that need the moderate help and guidance. They are motivated individuals that need additional assistance from time to time. These young men will have access to our Lead Mentor and will be a high priority.

You will receive:

  • Define Purpose Statement Worksheet and our Self-Confidence Statement
    • Our Lead Mentor will work to define the proper Affirmation for the individual
  • The Goal Setting Worksheet
    • Our Lead Mentor will work to define the proper goals for the individual
  • (Optional) Book Study Group
    • We will be doing Monthly books where there will be a meeting at the end of each month to discuss the chosen book.
    • Scholar Athlete will have to purchase the book
  • 168 Worksheet
    • Will be provided the 168 Worksheet and our Lead Mentor will work one on one via email to properly refine the worksheet
  • Semester Educational Reviews
    • Will have a Monthly Progress Sheet to be completed by the student and submitted to the Lead Mentor on scheduled day.
    • Student will submit the names and contact information of all teachers.
    • Study Hall Sessions maybe scheduled as needed.
    • Is available to review report cards, planned classes, and core GPA to ensure we are on schedule.
  •  Lead Mentor is Available via Email and Text.
    • Response time may vary. Typical 24 hour response time.
  • Social Media
    • We will be providing a copy a Free copy of “Social Media for the High School #Athlete”.
    • We will also be monitoring your feeds to make sure you are properly marketing yourself.
    • Retweeting and sharing your information on our feeds for additional exposure
  • Self-Recruiting
    • Participants will have direct message access to our Lead Mentor for recruiting advice and personalized assistance.
    • Participants will have second rights for all events and recruiting trips.